Tree House Costa Rica Puerto Viejo | Costa Rica Tree House

This is renting out for $300/night minimum – up to $450/night for 6 people. In Puerto Viejo, not Puntarenas. The bathroom doesn’t look too flash for $300/night, but that’s part of the adventure and the charm.

The Tree House has been entirely built of sustainable woods. All the hard woods used on the tree House were obtained out of fallen trees. We did not cut any alive tree to build the Tree House. Most of the woods used on the Tree House are Nispero Manilkara chicle and Casha Pithecellobium idiopodum. Both are hardwoods.

Most of the time, these trees are found in deep areas of the jungle. To get them out we cut them on location in the desired sizes, then we pull the wood out with oxes. Many times it took several weeks to get our wood out of the jungle before we could build.

The bathroom is built around a 100+ year-old tree, which is still growing around the house.

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