Cargo Hostel on the Behance Network – concept

Compact living is something that has become quite popular as the world’s cities are becoming more dense with people. In Japan it has for decades been an available option for bussinessmen or travelers alike who missed their last train, or who for other reasons want a temporarly and cheap alternative to a hotel. These solution has been known as “capsule hotels”. In Europe, these kind of hotels do not exist, perhaps because we in our cultures do not have the need to pack up tightly on small areas, and the idea of replacing a spacious hotel- or motel room with one the size of XS might not be pleasing to everyone. Still there might be a potential for this in Europe and other parts of the world if directed to a different target group.

By intergrating the idea of capsule hotels and a container – it suddenly becomes very mobile. As the frame is a 40-feet container it utilises the standard which makes it very easy to ship by boat, tuck, train or plane. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and withstand rough weather conditions. The only thing that needs to be fitted upon arrival is the ladders, handles and the screen, which can be stored in the storage area next to the rooms.

An intergrated reservation system with limited time access cards makes the system almost completely automatic and transactions can be done wirelessly by creditcard or sms. For ventilation, ligh
ting and booking to function – the powersupply features two 3-phase connectors and a battery serves as an insurance if an emergency arises and the power i cut off.

Targets of interest

Campings – as a cheaper alternative to cabins, tents or trailers for a shorter period of time

Festivals/concerts – an alternative to tents which can be placed a bit off from muddy and soiled ground

Along roads – for tired families or drivers

Tourists who seek new experiences – backpackers etc

Trainstations and airports – this has been conceptualised before, yet this option could be plausible

via Cargo Hostel on the Behance Network.


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